Cover Art (books, music, film, etc.)

Digital Typography (manipulating fonts to create a design)

Event Posters/Flyers

Photo Retouching

Social Media Branding (curated posts for cohesively-branded accounts)

Start-Up Branding/Rebranding (logos and brand identity)

Vector Graphics (custom graphics and digitizing drawn illustrations/sketches)

For any projects not listed, please inquire.


Janice Gaspar is a self-taught freelance graphic designer, born and raised on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. She started off with an interest in traditional art as a child, but later on by the age of 13, discovered her new found love for the digital art world through graphic design.

Since 2006, Janice has worked with a wide range of clients across the U.S., including numerous clients in the entertainment industry, retail and clothing brands, and philanthropy and church organizations. Her local clientele history includes various artists and musicians, such as music producers Slapp Symphony, Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winners Maryanne Ito and Ben & Maila, clothing brands HE>i, REVO Oahu, and The Boutique Hilo, and church organizations Grace Bible Church Honolulu, FUSE West, and Calvary Chapel Hilo.

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